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I know this is my own template, but shhhh... I realized it was exactly what I was looking for, OK?! Anyway, that aside, picture this. Like, really use your imagination muscle.

We see planet earth drifting through the black void of space, a demonic sigil burned in its surface. I look down upon it, standing vigil in my orbital space castle ship fortress thing. I'm listening to a woman crying for help over the radio. I know the demonic forces are butt-humping my planet and I am pissed as hell. I grab my super duper shotgun and exactly three out of six available shells. That's not enough, but that's okay. I also have my trusty wrist blade. Then I put on my iconic helmet. As the portal leading to earth's surface powers up, I feel my huge dick pushing against the inside of my suit of tech armor. I'm ready, I reload my gun.

Wait, this is my website, not a video game!

Uhh, hang on.

My name's Lucifer Armageddon Raven Manslaughter Jeanine Needlejuice Gizmo Javabean Goodsie Skippy Lammy Cindy Alfred Butcher Lobotomy WLF GRL Postal Dude Nature Tapes Tracheotomy The 2st, but the short version of my full name is Lucifer Nature Tapes Tracheotomy. You can just call me Lucifer, though. Or Luci. Whatever floats your boat. Snuff/it/he and any gore neos. I'm the webmaster of this super awesome Neocity called Psychonauts - just like the game by the same name! As you can probably tell by now, I'm extremely autistic about it.

I'm also extremely autistic about music! Music is a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge special interest of mine. I like all kinds of music, and I'll listen to anything as long as it sounds good, however I do have a particular fondness for breakcore, bedroom pop, and indie music in general!

I'm very passionate about storytelling! I wanna explore every concept I can think of to its fullest, whether it'd be an ARG, a video game, a comic, etc... however, if I graduate highschool, I have plans to go to college for filmmaking. I have plans to primarily make 80's-inspired horror movies, arthouse films, shock films, and other cool indie shtuff! I wanna utilize nonactors in my films, as I feel that would make my stuff feel more human (inspired by the decision to use nonactors in Gummo, one of my favorite movies of all time!). I also wanna make stuff with my friends, hehe (hi Rei).

As you can probably tell by now as well, I'm very passionate about horror! I think there's so many cool concepts that you can explore within horror - an apocolypse setting where there's eldritch aliens, a snuff filmer making videos with riddles, etc... it's such a cool genre with so much diversity, and it's my favorite to work with! Most of my projects are horror or horror-adjacent, actually. If you're curious, I love shock horror, surreal horror, paranormal horror, psychological horror, and eldritch horror, as well as horror that uses a lot of metaphors and symbolism! Generally, I'm a big fan of more artsy horror. I'm also a sucker for cheesy 80's horror!

But, enough about my interests! My friends often describe me as sweet, funny, caring, cool, and a lot of them have said I'm the bestest friend they've ever had, which means a lot to me. I truly do care about my friends and I'm really glad I'm able to show it! I'm kind of a bleeding heart as you can probably tell, haha. That's a good thing and a bad thing, I think. My friends also tell me that I'm good at comforting people and that I have good advice, which means a lot to me as well, since I'm always trying my best to help people and bring joy into others' lives!

I'm not the greatest at describing myself. So, as such, I'm gonna end this by saying that if this didn't say enough about my personality yet, I'm proudly blocked by like, half of the Postal fanbase on Tumblr. Why? Probably 'cause my opinions are akin to swinging a bat at a hornet's nest. Or on account of my fictive swag. Or both!

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Got a rape fetishist to deactivate
Got banned from the official Yansim server
Radicalized an entire server of 9 year olds
Got home called because of Catboy Walter White
(Probably) vagued by @mephoj for despising Sashaboto (I mean, what can I say? I've great taste in ships! Sashamilla solos btw)