the TRUE postal dude wiki

Welcome to the meat of my mind... AKA my about page. AKA the place where I brag about how cool I am for coding - but, let's be real. Website coders are some of the coolest people in the world. Also, I talk about what makes me show severe symptoms of autism. Fun!

...buuuuuuuut, I guess I should introduce myself. I know you know my name's Lucifer, but my full name's Major Lucifer Dove Amanda Armageddon Psychonaut Raven Manslaughter Jeanine Needlejuice Gizmo Point'N'Click Javabean Goodsie Skippy Lammy Cindy Alfred Butcher Lobotomy WLF GRL Postal Dude Nature Tapes Tracheotomy The 2st. Just call me Lucifer, though. Or Luci. Whatever floats your boat. Snuff/it/he and any gore neos.

You can call me the webmajor, webdude, webcyborg, webdyke or webangel if that sounds cooler. Other titles I've been given include: gayboy, gaygirl, dyke, faggot, "toecurlingly evil," faggirl, girlboss, malewife, funnyman, tumblrina, muffdiver, womanliker, girlliker, gilfliker, grandmafucker, germanfucker, Postal Guy, Postal Man and probably some others I can't think of at the moment. You can call me these, too.

My abilities include: jumping 500ft in the air, seducing beautiful German women in Spanish, farting so hard I propel myself into the sky, moving small objects and people with my mind, chasing rape fetishists off Tumblr (ask me about it), giving people psychic damage, and finally, having the awesomest Neocity ever (I am inherently better than most Neocities due to not having a "webcore" type theme. Whether or not I'm joking is up to you).

In my free time, when I'm not stuck in the hellhole known as highschool, I listen to an excessive amount of Dog Fashion Disco, code this here Neocity, watch a few horror movies here and there and play video games sometimes (mainly Psychonauts and Postal 2). I also draw little doo-dads sometimes, mainly the various ginklebinkles from my various paracosms.

The thing I do the most is worldbuild, though. I have a plethora of projects up my sleeve but sometimes I get thrust into a hyperfixation of one of them. Right now, it's Moronville, which is a webcomic meant to emulate if a shock film was a campy 80's horror movie and a Saturday morning cartoon all at the same time. I also focus on The Spirit Line sometimes.

On the topic of worldbuilding, my dream job is to be a storyteller, no matter the form! I want to go to college to do filmmaking, but there's no way in hell I'm stepping a foot in the film industry. The dream is to move to Canada, work in a quiet record shop, and make cool shit that stays OUT! of any industry. I am not gonna let the comic industry suck out my creativity just to make my comics sanitized. Either take the canon scat fetishists, or leave it!

...and with that, I don't have much else to say. I've never been very good at talking about myself, but I'm improving as time goes on.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Cries for help? Contact my email!

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