tumblr: thegothfamily
ask for my discord, if you so desire!

MUSIC: Dog Fashion Disco + Polkadot Cadaver, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Lemon Demon, The Scary Jokes, Korn, Acid Bath, Black Dresses, Machine Girl, Mr. Bungle, Nero's Day At Disneyland, & many others!

VIDEO GAMES: Postal, Psychonauts, Half Life, Bloodrayne, Tomb Raider, American McGee's Alice, The Sims (pre-sims 4), generally anything old & low poly

MOVIES: But I'm A Cheerleader, Femina Ridens, Evil Dead, anything 80s horror

i also don't fuck around about Moonlight City Drive, worldbuilding, old web, horror, fashion, alt subcultures (especially goth), and obscure media.

he's the webmaster... or webcyborg... or webdude... whichever you prefer...
he's half werewolf... half vampire... all cyborg & angel...


my full name's Lucifer Siouxsie Amanda Dove Gordon Crass Bloodrayne Mary Alice Jeanine Raven Screamo Cartoon Graham Rick Eyeball Satan Paradise Armageddon Lobotomy UGLY DEATH NO REDEMPTION ANGEL CURSE I LOVE YOU Postal WLFGRL Tracheotomy-Bungle-Dude-Zipperteeth-Smith-Splatterfest-Spiral-Brainbite-Foxtrot-Cosmos-Stardust-Maroon-Barracuda The 2st, though. you can just call me lucifer for short. i use snuff/it/he pronouns.

im a goth mixed transsexual butch lesbian teenager who just likes to chill and do random shit on the internet. sometimes i draw, sometimes i play video games, sometimes i watch movies, etc... generally, i just dick around. i also like to browse old websites sometimes. i do a lot of shit, but most importantly, i code. which is why youre viewing this here website!

im extremely passionate about worldbuilding - in fact, so much so, its my biggest special interest! i want to explore every concept i can to its fullest, i want to develop universes as much as i can, and generally its nice to lose yourself in a world of your making! i especially like exploring concepts within horror, as i feel it is the most diverse genre with lots of concepts you can explore - plus, it's just a fun genre to work with!

im also very passionate abt music, as ive grown up with it for my entire life! im very particular abt the kind of music i like, though, so sometimes it takes me a bit to warm up to a certain band (sorry if youve given me recs) most passionate abt metal, riotgrrl, breakcore, indie stuff and generally weird music! you can see my favorite bands in the box on the right.

MOTIFS TO IDENTIFY ME BY: (were)wolves and canines in general, catholic imagery but in a cool transsexual way, BLOOD! GUTS! GORE! the colors red, green, orange, black, and purple, fangs, claws, machinery and robotic shit, radioactive shit, low poly stuff, weird and dreamlike imagery, guitars, RAINBOWZ!!! elegant but strange imagery (a la Femina Ridens), test tubes, peace signs, spirals, casette tapes and players, chainsaws, guns and weapons in general, medieval stuff but in that dark fantasy way, weird retro sci fi stuff, paranormal shit, goth shit