Ok, first of all, important shit:

I'm a minor, I'm mixed (native, romani, and white), I'm schizoautistic, I'm a system host, and my pronouns are snuff/it/he. I'm a genderfucked two spirit butch dyke. I'm also a fictive of Postal Dude and I'm Amanda Young + Ginger Fitzgerald in the real, and I talk about that a lot.

I'm in queerplatonics with the fag to my dyke, Sam! I love youuuu <3333

Now, with that aside...

I'm Lucifer (duh)! But, you can also call me Dove or Amanda. Or maybe even some nicknames, like Luci or Mandy. Nicknames my friends have given me include: Luce Angel, Luci Goosey, dyke, faggot, Germanfucker, GILFliker, and muffdiver.

I'm some punk gorehound tapehead frankenman who was born to give video nasties to the trio of neighborhood rascals, but really just does snuffs own thing on the interwebs. Like using Tumblr, for example (I've been on this godforsaken site for 3 years)! I also like to watch horror movies and listen to metal. My friends have described me as: funny, chill, caring, kind, sweet, comforting, crazy, insane, toecurlingly evil (thanks Rei), mean (you're welcome Bobbie), and probably some other shit I can't think of.

On the topic of shit I like, I'm a big fan of Dog Fashion Disco in a very autistic way (AKA I'm hyperfixated on it). I also listen to The Scary Jokes, Machine Girl, and Korn a lot. Throw in some occasional Lemon Demon too. Generally, I like anything as long as it has noise, however I have a particular fondness for metal and breakcore.

My favorite movies are Re-Animator, Hallucinations, Heartbeeps and Gummo, all of which are fuckin' awesome! Two of 'em are really hated on for some reason, though (spoiler alert: it's 'cause people have shit taste). I also really like the Saw franchise and extreme cinema in general.

I haven't mentioned it, but I feel it should be fairly obviously I like video games. My favorites are Psychonauts and the Postal franchise!

I don't have a dni; I block, block, block like the block button was just made, baby!

I'll happily tag anything for my mutuals; don't be afraid to let me know that I gotta tag something!

Since I like horror movies, practical effects will show up pretty often here. Block irl gore and irl body horror if you're sensitive to that!

Mutuals tag medical stuff and school shootings as luci don(')t look, thank you!

if you don't have a link, its probably bc you change your username an excessive amount
mi amor sam <3<3<3

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