maybe add some website updates here? or an excessive amount of blinkies! dont
worry, these are scrollboxes.
maybe put some information about your website here, like "hi, im Website Coder 93876526787653, and this is my website where i code silly shtuff!" here's some pixels you can use, by the by!
this is my very first template!! sorry if anything breaks or is all wonky, im still a coding beginner, but ive had the idea to make a template for a while now, so why not? that said, feel free to change anything you want! only request is to not remove the credit, thank you! also ignore the excessive amount of div classes HAHAHAHA

also sorry rena covers like. a quarter of one of the boxes, im guessing its something to do with so many div codes using "right:" [broken heart]. if you can find a way to fix it, please lmk!!

as for suggestions as to put in this box specifically, maybe links to some pages in your website? like a shrine directory, your about page, etc... but if youre using this for a specific page, maybe stuff pertaining to information about a certain media if it's a shrine, or your likes and dislikes if it's your about page, etc!

here's the theme link! unfortunately, it's on docs, since pastebin fucking blows.

template by lucifer tracheotomy