We're The Fancypants Manifesto, and this is our system page!

We're also known as The Community Garden, and The Haunted Candle Shop. We have god knows how many members, we're not listing all of them, and that's all you need to know. Our origins are nunya!

All members here are frequent fronters, and as such, are the ones you'll see around most. I would introduce myself, Lucifer, the host, but y'all already know me.



My name is Kanaya (obviously), and I front very often. You may have seen me around before, however I don't really go onto the host's site very often due to me having a site of my own.

I'm a vampire girl and I kiss other vampire girls, and I like cheesy vampire movies as well as not so cheesy vampire literature. I often write poetry with themes like this - sucking blood as a love language and all.

You can find more about me on my about page on my website.