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nyan neko sugar girls
Listen. Listen. Hear me out. This show is good, on account of it being made with genuine, unbridled passion. Okay? Okay? Do you fucking understand me?

I know it's bad, but like. This show made me cry. The ending is fucking depressing! The night I watched this with my boyfriend, I genuinely needed the rest of the night to process it. I ended up falling asleep 10 minutes after watching it, because holy shit that was too much for my poor sleep deprived brain. How did a silly little anime affect me this much? I genuinely don't know, but I can absolutely tell you I literally felt my brain chemistry changing after the final episode.

I have genuinely never felt this affected by something. Whatever. Whatever! I love silly anime about girls getting rabies and then dying from heartbreak. Please watch NNSG... for me.

What is Nyan Neko Sugar Girls, though?

Nyan Neko Sugar Girls is a fanime by SoapOpera46 on YouTube (also Nyanyandesu on DeviantArt) about Raku Chan, Koneko Chan, and Hitoshi San. It starts off as a romantic-comedy kinda thang where Raku Chan tries to win Hitoshi San's heart, however at the end of the first half of the series, it turns into a psychological horror. Or, as psychological horror-ish as it can be. Why does it take such a sudden turn in that direction? Why, because Raku Chan gets rabies, of course!

That's all I'll say about it, however, as not to spoil it too much. You should give it a watch, it's super fun(ny)! Also, be warned, your brain chemistry will be changed forever.

Personal thoughts

Honestly, I really like this! It's really fun(ny), the art's charming, and I like the character designs! I'm really glad my boyfriend introduced me to this silly little webseries, it's absolutely worth watching if you love bad stuff that's made with passion.

My favorite characters are Raku Chan, Koneko Chan and Bokutachi San!