Music has been a huuuuge special interest ever since I really started getting into it at the ripe age of 12 (thanks Neil Cicierega). I'm always looking for new bands, albums and whatnot to get into! I'll listen to basically anything as long as it sounds good to me, however I do have a particular fondness for bedroom pop, synth pop, and anything with electric guitars. As you can probably tell, my favorite artists of all time are The Scary Jokes, Lemon Demon, Talkshow Boy and Oingo Boingo. I'm starting to get into The Unicorns, Nine Inch Nails, and I have plans to get into Tyler The Creator!

I like music so much, I make it sometimes! I usually make it under the label Whenrobotzattack, and you can listen to it on my soundcloud.

That aside, here's a collection of my favorite albums of all time.