Fuchsia Electricity Lightning

Welcome to the shrines page, AKA the page that would probably get me added to r/sadcringe if I were an adult. Well, the Saul Goodman shrine, at least.

Basically, this is a place where I can store all of the pages dedicated to rambling about the shit I really like. Imagine this as the hub in Yume Nikki with all of the doors that lead to the different worlds - but this time, they lead to different pages of the same terminally online schizoautist talking about how much he loves the lawyer guy from Breaking Bad. Exciting!

I mean, Madotsuki is a schizoautist, but she's not terminally online and has good taste in women. Breaking Bad wouldn't really be her thing anyway.

Step into the looooove zone, baby!

The love of my life, Sam
The other love of my life, Sasha

Why don't ya get somethin' at the record shop?

Favorite albums of all time
My vinyl collection
The Scary Jokes (flashing warning!)
Dog Fashion Disco

What about some games?

Postal franchise

Pop a VHS in!

Nyan Neko Sugar Girls

Well, is there anything else you wanna do?

Crayola, Crayola, I love you so!