Ms. Moron and Mr. Stupid are... enigmas, to say the least. They're always grinning, staring at the audience unblinkingly, all the while cheerfully spreading propaganda about how great Moronville is (sprinkle a bit of Plastic Surgeons promotion in there, too). Nobody knows where they came from; they showed up on the very first episode of Plastic surgeons, and since then, they've seemed to taken the places of Ms. Monroe and Mr. Stupor, the former news reporters who, at least, broadcasted the truth about the town.

It's suspected that they've been modified and brainwashed by the plastic surgeons, but there's no way to prove that without risking your life. What little is known about them doesn't draw any conclusions, though.

Ms. Moron is the one who says the first few sentences during the broadcasts after the introduction. Her smile and stare is the creepier of the two, paired by the fact that she looks like she popped straight out of a 50s commercial for kitchen appliances. To some, she's disturbingly charming, so much so that she fails to captivate them. For others, they get won over by her charm, and fall for the propaganda. Those others usually end up missing within a few days or so.

Mr. Stupid starts after Ms. Moron during the broadcasts, however he's characterized by how on some broadcasts he's tired, and even falls asleep sometimes! He also looks like he popped out of a 50's commercial, but for mechanics instead of kitchen appliances. He's awake most broadcasts, thankfully, and he exhibits that same charm Ms. Moron has; but in a different way. Same soulless stare and grin, but he gives off a different vibe than her.