'Sup. I'm Saw Kidney, but just call me Saw. I usually just use this website to upload cool gore'n shit (some of the pedos I've killed and/or taxidermized, and some from horror movies). Essentially, this is a website where some nonbinary dude does their thing.

I'm the bassist in a pretty cool metal band called Scatfuck Cumhole. I don't really do autographs or talk to fans much, just 'cause it's not my thing, sorry. You'll have to see Jackson or Gimpy about 'em.

I'm often described as chill, laidback, and quiet, but sometimes I'm compared to Jason Voorhees (not complaining though, he's a dope guy). Probably 'cause of my ski mask.

Also, on the topic of horror movies, my favorite's Attack Of The Aborted Fetuses. It's a really fuckin' crazy flick, but it's a really good metaphor for bodily autonomy rights and it's a lot more than "oooh ahhh, evil fetuses killing people! What ever will we do?!" I have plans to write an analysis with my friends about it in the near future.

If you wanna talk, though, email me. I won't mind.

Don't have much else to say other than that, I've never been too good at talking about myself. Here's the condensed version of what would be my about section.

Age: 26
Gender: Nonbinary/genderqueer
Sexual preference: God knows
Favorite bands: Nine Inch Nails is a big favorite, but I'm also a sucker for nu metal like Slipknot
Likes: Alternative music, video games (Super Ghouls'n Goblins is a big favorite, email me if you see me at the arcade playing it), horror movies, gore, and my cool friends
Dislikes: Pedos, animalfuckers, brother'n sister fuckers, all that gross (in a bad way) shit. Email me if you want me to kill some fuckin' disgusting jackass.