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The bubbles in the body-sized tubes fizz quietly as the clones in them float aimlessly - or, they would, were it not for how cramped they are. It's claustrophobic, but the clones won't realize that until they gain conciousness. Although they're all clones of the same woman, they're all different in some way, shape or form - most of the time they come out just fine; perfectly smooth faces with that same emotionless grimace and silky hair - but other times they have defects. Holes in their cheeks that show more of their mouth, an inability to fuse, etc.

The lab they're made in is on an abandoned spaceship floating aimlessly in the deep, dark void of the universe. The scientists appear to have died long, long ago, but the clones don't know that. They don't know that they're not the only experiments either. All they know is that they have to get out, some way or another.

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