Dot. Dot is... interesting, to say the least. Well, I wouldn't say interesting. She's simple-minded, like the others. However, unlike the others, she's easier to control. ---- had more agency - sure I had control over them, but sometimes they got a little... feisty. They were like a sassy teenager - except they're a grown ass adult! But, ---- aside, Dot was easier to control because she was designed to be controlled.

Dot was made by a company that specialized in android servants. She was made in a line for mannequin androids, specifically made to be caregivers for children - specifically girls. She came with a lovely ballet dress and hair tied in a messy bun. She was perfect for any little girl who wanted to do ballet.

Of course, the people who purchased her were some rich assholes who didn't wanna deal with taking care of their kid. As expected, the kid got more attached to Dot than her own parents. Because of that, her parents gave Dot back to me, because they were jealous of the android. Hmm, I wonder why the kid cares more about the android that actually took care of her! Asshats.

Alas, she's... too easy to control. It's boring, I always like it when they put up a fight. Alas, I'm replacing her soon. Into the mall with all the other broken toys, as I say.

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