Fruity Lemon Heart

You are now entering the universe birthed by a cruel, cruel God.

That God being me, Lucifer! I call myself cruel because I like making blorbos from my brain suffer. It's fuuuuuun. For the sake of lore, however, the actual God of this universe is Duo. He's not cruel, though. Whatever happens, happens. Y'know how it is being a God that doesn't interfere with his creations much.

I refer to my projects as being a part of the WhenRobotzAttack Cinematic Universe! WCU for short. Like the MCU, but much, much cooler. And not with superheroes. Fuck you, Marvel.

Each project takes place in their own dimension within the same universe, and that's basically the only way they're connected.

Keep in mind that a good majority of my projects are either horror or have horror elements. As such, disturbing topics will be discussed and explored. Sensitive topics that don't directly relate to horror that will also be explored. I try to explore the themes within my stories with gentility, especially since I have experienced most of the trauma I write about.

You are allowed to kin, selfship with, waifu, and whatever else you want to do with my OCs! In fact, I encourage it! This excludes drawing NSFW of them, of course. That's gross. This excludes my characters who are abusive in any way, shape or form.

The Spirit Line

The Spirit Line is a collection of stories which entail the daily lives of a group of queer horror geeks whom have frequent encounters with the paranormal. Each book is about a different group, with different tales.

TSL was originally based off of Lemon Demon's albums, however within recent years of me developing the story I have drawn lots of inspiration from 80's horror, especially Evil Dead - to the point where I've added deadites and the Necronomicon!


Snuffchan is a web project that is a collection of scripts detailing the lives of different snuff filmers - they're normal people by day, working office jobs, talking to their friends and family, but by night they're cruel, cruel monsters without any compassion whatsoever.

Snuffchan was originally intended to be a project made for pure shock value, however I accidentally developed the characters and decided "y'know what? Fuck it, I'm gonna do what August Underground did but better." And now that's what Snuffchan is, an exploration of people who are ordinary people like you and me by day but by night people who film their victims' suffering for entertainment.

Read it here!

Note that Snuffchan will not be receiving frequent updates due to school being in session. Apologies!

Attention Shoppers

Attention Shoppers is an ARG that I booted up quite a few months ago, however abandoned due to me not planning it out enough and for mental health reasons. However, another few months ago I picked it up again, as my experience with running the ARG has taught me a few things! The storyline, without spoiling too much, is that Dot, an android, goes to the mall to pick up groceries for her master, however she ends up getting trapped down there.

Thankfully, unlike last time, I'm planning it out way more beforehand. There will be plenty of metaphors for the players to dissect and analyze if they squint hard enough! I haven't started it yet, unfortunately, as I keep on procrasinating on making the sprites and visuals and such things...

I also have plans to make a sequel ARG once I finish this one, so stay tuned for that!

The Spirit By The Seaside

The Spirit By The Seaside is a video game trilogy (former quadrilogy, I scrapped the concept for what was supposed to be the third game as it didn't add much to the lore and would spoil the plot twist for what is now the actual third game) about a series of strange buildings by the seaside. Each game details the experience of different people within these different buildings!

The games in order are: The Church By The Seaside, The Mansion By The Seaside, and The Cathedral By The Seaside! I have plans to make the first two in RPGMaker, and the last one in unity. The last one's gonna be in a PS1 kinda style!


Moronville is infamous for being the town with the highest crime rate in America - people go missing everyday, most of them turning up dead, or worse, on Plastic Surgeons. Everyone who lives there feels... off, no matter how good their intentions may seem. However, it's home to the best metal bands to date and the best dentist in America. It's worth giving it a quick look, right? Right?

Moronville is based off of some Dog Fashion Disco albums, primarily Cult Classic and Committed To A Bright Future. It's also like if a shock film was a cartoon! Knowing how I am, though, I added some nuance so it wasn't all guts being ripped out.

Warning for suggestive content, gore, and what have you. Read the strip comics here!