Valentine's Day Pumping Heart A Guide To Waifuism

You may have heard of the term waifu - most likely in some unfortunately unsavory context, like some grown ass kiddie diddler calling his favorite 14 year old anime girl a waifu, or perhaps in a much much lighter context where some teenage girl on Wattpad calling her favorite creepypasta character her "waifu." With the latter, however, it's mostly the masculine variant: husbando.

No matter the context, however, you definitely have seen people shitting on people who are attracted to 2D people - waifuists are unfortunately a primary target for this kinda stuff, especially with the stigma caused by a certain well-known waifuism community (r/waifuism).

This page was made for people new to waifuism - whether you're a recently discovered waifuist, you're questioning whether you're a waifuist or not, or you're an outsider and you simply want to learn about waifuism.

This guide will most likely be a work in progress for a loooooooooong time (most likely always a WIP), as I'm always accepting criticism for it and things to add! If you have anything you'd like to ask, email me (!

Waifuism is when someone has a relationship with a character that is akin to a real, actual relationship. Usually, it's compared to marriage, however many aren't married to their waifus. It's like selfshipping, except they're not merely an f/o - the love goes much, much deeper than that.

There's also its counterpart, 2Dism, which is essentially the same concept however you don't view your partners as "fictional." That's what I am!

However, for the sake of simplicity, 2Dism and waifuism will be lumped together due to the concepts being extremely similar with one major difference.

Unfortunately, the waifuism community has quite the selection of bad places, especially due to the rampant polyphobia and pedophilia within the community. This list will be updated as I find more places that should be avoided.
  • r/waifuism: As mentioned before, this subreddit is the most popular subcommunity in the waifuism community. However it's also credited for being the reason why the waifuism community has such a sour reputation, and for good reason! Many good reasons, such as: allowing pedophiles to run rampant, also allowing people who waifu rapists/nazis to stay, banning poly waifuists (and generally polyphobic guidelines), and banning people for having uncoventional waifus (I got banned in 5 minutes for waifuing Saul Goodman!). Also, the discord from what I've heard is a dumpster fire of its own.
  • A website that allows people to make shrines for their waifus, however they have polyphobic guidelines. Just use Neocities.
  • FAQ
    Can you have multiple waifus?
    Yes, absolutely! I've made this very clear with how I talk about the blatant polyphobia in the waifuism community, but it's completely ok to have multiple waifus. The more love you can give out, the better, y'know?

    Can you have a waifu and a 3D partner?
    This is in the same vein as the previous question, but again, absolutely! I'm a waifuist with a 3D partner (hi Sam mwah mwah). Same answer as the previous question, except with a 3D partner - the more love you can give out, the better!

    What if I have the same waifu as someone?
    It depends on the waifuist - some of them are excited that someone else waifus that character, and some of them get jealous. And some of them just nod, respect their taste and move on with their day. Each waifuist has a different reaction to it, and like I said, it really depends!

    What are some things you can do to feel closer to your waifu?
    Many waifuists - if not all - get merch of their waifus. Some of them make shrines of their waifus. Some of them cover their houses head to toe in pictures of their waifu! Some of them change their themes on their respective online profiles to their waifus, some of them take their waifus on a date (usually by bringing a plush or something), and so much more that I didn't even mention! You can feel closer to your waifu any way you can think of, and I say that without exaggeration.