Life Update

WARNINGS: School, bullying

Today is 11/13/22, and right now, as of writing this, I have a killer headache. I should probably get off the 'puter, but... I don't want to.

November fucking sucks every year, 'cause of Thankstaking and usually it's where I enter the peak of my seasonal depression. That, and it's when the first marking period ends, which means they'll send report cards home and I'll have my first dosage of my mom guiltripping me over my grades of the year. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuun.

I am much happier than I was last year, though; usually around this time, I get a new favorite person (it's a BPD thing), I realize they're a piece of shit, I get retraumatized over that realization, rinse and repeat. This year, though, I didn't get a FP, which I'm really proud of myself for! I did have one in the summer, but that thankfully only lasted for a few months and I recovered quickly, which usually happens 'cause I don't have school in the summer.

October was not my month, though, which is a shame 'cause I was super excited for Halloween, but even then I lost my spirit due to my aforementioned seasonal depression. It's ok though, I'm at least happy I got to watch at least a few horror movies on October.

This weekend I watched the first two Saw movies with my boyfriend, and some Scott the Woz episodes! I've been interested in getting into him for a while now, but I kept on forgetting to, and I'm glad I am now! He's really funny. We also made a bunch of jokes on VC, chatted a lot, and fell asleep together on call. It was really nice.

...I also found out snow wants to diddle Jerry Attricks. How joyous! I can't blame meow, though.

Also, a lot happened on Neocities today, and I am so, so happy I missed out on all of it. What the fuck are any of you talking about?! ...actually, don't answer that question.

Umm, what else... oh yeah, I've been participating in No Split November, which is basically a challenge for systems my friends made up to not split any new members. Unfortunately, on the 5th day, I lost... sad! It's ok though, I've been recovering from the event that made me split in the first place.

There's some other shit that's been going on, but I'm not gonna talk about it here for my own comfort. But, overall, I've been pretty happy. Sure, there's been some slip-ups and shit, but I've been doing much much better than I was last year, and I'm really happy about that! Recovery is a long and rocky path, and I'm really glad that I've been going through that path as smoothly as I have been.

That's how life's been for me, I hope you guys are as ok as you can be too! Seasonal depression sucks, and I hope you are all dealing with it the best you can. <3

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