life update

Fuck yeah, life updates. Who doesn't love life updates?

WARNING: School (obviously), teachers being fuckwads

Marking today, Tuesday, the 20th of September of 2022, I've been in school for 3 weeks. So, I figured I owe you all a life update.

Being in highschool highschool is... kind of scary, to be honest. Not as scary as I thought it would be last year, but still scary to think it impacts my future. Already I have a few missing assignments, but I've been able to get myself caught up all the same. Besides, they're all missing 'cause I've already started skipping school a few times. Usually I'm able to get them done in class too.

Math is surprisingly easy so far, but I know it'll just get harder as passing units go on. It's cool, though, 'cause my friend offered to do the work for me when it starts getting hard. Teacher is annoying as hell though, she talks and talks and talks and never shuts the hell up! We have a sub this week though. Big win!

I already know I have a shit grade in gym with how many classes I've skipped/not participated in, and I would've participated by now if it weren't for my blister. Thank god my mom doesn't give a shit about my gym grade.

My bullies aren't even that big of a problem anymore. The boys seem to have fucked off for the most part and so have the girls, but one of the obnoxious popular girls keeps on trying to bug me. It's easy to ignore her, though, and it's fun to hear her whine about me ignoring her. At worst, the girls in my gym class like to try to annoy me, but again, it's easy to ignore them. Also, one of the boys won't leave me the hell alone and I think he has a crush on me too, which makes it like, 10 times worse. Told him to fuck off to his face though, so hopefully he'll buzz off.

Honestly, worst problem I've had so far is my Spanish teacher, who's fucking obsessed with her authority. When I noticed she wanted something from me, I said "yeah?" and she got all fuckin' pissy about it! Ended up having to try to repress my tears in her study hall, and ended up having a breakdown in front of her when she had me stay after class to talk to her about my "rudeness." She was so fucking condenscending about it too, so much so when she asked me why I was crying I stormed out of her class and she was all like "oh so you don't wanna talk to me about it?"

I sobbed in lunch, which was after that study hall. At least I got a good cheeseburger.

All in all, I've just been trying to survive, get through highschool by brute force, and focusing on my mental health instead of schoolwork when I'm at home. Chronic fatigue's been getting worse, but I'm happy it's at its worst when I'm at home. That's about all.