Tiny Rainbow

My Gripes With The Waifuism Community As A Waifuist

I may be a waifuist, but at least I'm not one of them polyphobic kiddie diddlers!

Right from the bat, judging by the subtitle, I fucking hate the waifuism community. Not as much as I hate Howard Hamlin, but it's certainly up there.

There's so many expectations the community holds for waifuists: you must have only one waifu and no 3D partner, or you're "unfaithful." Conventionally attractive anime characters only! You must not be "too in love" with your waifu. You can only celebrate 6 month and yearly anniversaries or you're not truly dedicated to your waifu! So on and so forth.

And the shit that they tolerate, oh my fucking god. Diddling kids is ok, because you're truly in love with them! Is your waifu a rapist? Thankfully for you, that's ok, because they're your waifu! It's ok to be completely and fully in love with a nazi! And like, so much fuckin' more.

Unfortunately, the people I'm describing run rampant in the waifuism community. The most popular site for waifuism is reddit, where you can find r/waifuism. And let me tell you, that place is a shithole. Me and my friend Rei got banned there in like, 2 minutes flat because our waifus are unconventional. They don't tell you that, but it's true! They will ban you if your waifu isn't "conventional" enough. As someone who's waifu is Saul Goodman - AKA the funny 3D meme guy - you can already imagine how that is for me.

Also, I know this argument is usually used in some rather... unsavory contexts, but r/waifuism is why the community is so goddamn stigmatized, especially as the most popular hub for waifuists to gather. Fuck all the polyphobic kiddie diddlers that want to fuck one of the NGE kids there, and all of the people who woobify Alex DeLarge, and everyone else that uses r/waifuism. Fuck all of em!

I don't know where I was going with this, I just needed to get this off of my chest 'cause I fuckin' hate the waifuism community. That is to say not all waifuists are like this - I, myself, am a waifuist, and thank fucking god I'm not like this. All of my friends who are waifuists aren't like this.

In conclusion: fuck the waifuism community.