Tiny Rainbow

A Guide To Shock Films

Once you stop listening to the pussies crying about how people shitting in eachother's mouths is soooo gruesome, the world of extreme cinema welcomes you with open arms!

Everything you need to know about shock films is right in the name - they're made to be shocking and controversial. Usually, if a shock film reaches the public juuuuuust enough, there'll basically be a mass outrage about how the film is CRAZY and BRUTAL and GOREY and IS SO BAD and NOBODY SHOULD WATCH IT EVER BECAUSE OF HOW SHOCKING IT IS!!! A prime example of this is The Human Centipede, which may be the most mainstream shock film to date. Everyone and their grandma's heard of it!

But, this isn't going to be me talking about the wonderful world of shock films in depth, this is merely a beginner's guide to the stigmatized genre with a dedicated fanbase. Really, it's just me reccomending more well known shock films that I believe will make an outsider familiar to the genre. This list will be updated as time goes on (sorry John Waters fans, I haven't watched any of his movies yet).

The Human Centipede: I've already mentioned this movie being the most mainstream shock film, however it's an absolute must-watch because it doesn't simply use gore to be shocking. It uses body horror, psychological horror, and the concept of being someone's "pet" to shock its auidences. The Human Centipede knows what it is and gets the concepts across very well. I often see this movie being left out in discussions about shock films, which honestly pisses me off. I may be personally biased, however, as this was baby's first shock film. By the way, don't watch the other two films. They're just blood, guts, and shit being thrown around with slurs pertaining to every marginalized group because for some reason Tom Six thinks that's shocking.

August Underground: This movie is definitely not the most mainstream, however it's still well known within shock film circles, and for good reason! While yes, it does use unsanitary shock value as well as gorey shock value, it still is an excellent movie as it details the lives of two serial killers who glorify violence and kill for funsies. It showcases their terrifying transformation from ordinary person by day, snuff filmer at night. I may also be biased about this one, since it's what sparked my special interest in the concept of snuff films. It's slow paced, however, but I think that suits the movie well due to it being about the daily lives of two serial killers. I can't say anything about the other two films yet, as I haven't finished Mordum yet nor have I started Penace, however I can say Mordum is fucking boring.