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Rabies Pride

The original history behind rabies pride AND a personal article about why I use the term for myself combo!
WARNING: Discussions of albeism, and usage of the r slur.

You've definitely heard of the term rabies pride if you're online enough to be on Neocities. I mean, come on, you've had to hear of it somewhere! And as such, you most likely associate the term with rabiosexual pride (which was a satire post made by a teenager), because autistic trans people can't fuckin' have anything.

Oh, did I mention autistic trans people? Well, in that case... the term was originally coined by autistic trans people for autistic trans people that are treated like an animal, or like a disease just because of who they are. The purpose was to show them that they didn't have to be "normal" in order to be themselves, and it doesn't matter what the hell people think of you!

However, one of the handful of people that used the term made a satire post about being rabiosexual, and unfortunately, people took that WAY too fuckin' seriously because, well, teenagers can't make jokes online without a bunch of adults mocking them for it.

Here's more about the history of it.

With the shortened version of the history aside, I like this term a lot because my entire life I've been treated like shit for being "different" - even by my own parents! This "difference," as you all probably know by now, was autism. Many times during my childhood, my teachers have suggested my parents to get me tested for autism. Alas, my dad didn't allow it because "[I'm] not retarded." Yesterday, I proved him wrong when I got my diagnosis. Woo!

My parents often treated it as a disease because of my older brother, who is autistic but needs MUCH more support than I do. They saw it as a terrible thing to live with, just 'cause one of their kids (or rather, one of my mom's kids) needs lots of support. My mom's gotten a LOT better in that regard, thankfully, however.

As a trans person, me being transsexual was treated like a fuckin' curse by my mom, and as a joke by everyone else but my friends. The months I was out to my mom were the worst damn months of my life.

This term is basically perfect for me! It resonates with me and it means a lot to me, especially as someone who's been ostracized from snuffs peers its entire life. It's nice. It makes me feel seen.