Tiny Rainbow

Postal Redux Sux

Postal REDUX fucking blows, and I'm tired of the fandom pretending it doesn't!

Postal REDUX is a remake of the original Postal game that started it all - Postal 1 (or, at the time of release, simply Postal). As such, it has remastered graphics, a remastered soundtrack, and generally fixes some gameplay issues the original Postal has. A lot of fans are quite happy with REDUX!

Obviously, I, myself, am not included.

I'll start off with something that's more of a biased gripe than me absolutely screaming about how much I hate REDUX. I'm not a big fan of the graphics honestly; they don't have the same charm as the original Postal graphics. I know they suck, but they are really appealing to me. Also, they did the war journal entries so fucking dirty. Are you seeing this shit?!

They're just... jesus, they're so fucking ugly.

Also, the soundtrack honestly sucks. It doesn't compare to the vibes the original soundtrack had - especially the menu and outro themes. Good god, they're such a downgrade compared to the threatening vibes the original soundtrack had. When you opened up the original Postal and heard the menu theme, you immediately knew what you were in for. Meanwhile, the REDUX version sounds like it's trying to be that but... failing so badly.

Biases aside, I'm getting into what made me hate REDUX.

Why the fuck did RWS think it was a good idea to erase Postal Dude being CANONICALLY SCHIZOPHRENIC? It's an extremely important part of the story; literally the entire fucking game is Postal Dude going through a psychotic episode! Also, it's just blatantly ableist. I have one (1) character's worth of decent schizophrenia rep. Let me fucking have this!

If it's to add to the "P1 Dude is P2 Dude's father" theory which they decided, for some fucking reason, was a good idea to canonize, then what in the actual fuck. All to make a theory canon? Really? Fucking really?

Either way, what in the actual FUCK RWS?! What was that for?! Jeeesus!!!!

I know it's implied, but in the original Postal it wasn't just implied. It was in your fucking face! Like, right in it! You couldn't ignore it because of how in your face it was! Why did RWS pull this shit?!

In conclusion, REDUX fucking SUX! Postal 1 is superior, I will not be taking any questions at this time, especially if you're aspychotic. FUCK YOU!