The Postal Fandom And It's Issue With Ableism

WARNING: As specified in the title, ableism, as well as usage of ableist slurs.

Postal, Postal, Postal. The game (franchise) infamous for being one of, if not the most offensive game(s) of all time. The goal was (and still is) to piss off soccer moms, and by god did it work. So much so that the first game got banned in over 13 countries! So, like, if the game's so offensive, the fandom has to be super bigoted, right?

Surprisingly enough, for a game made specifically to be offensive, both the creators and the fandom aren't very bigoted. Running With Scissors literally has queer headcanons featured on the fanart section of their website, for fuck's sake! So why am I complaining about a certain form of bigotry within the fandom?

Because ableism is fucking rampant here.

I'll start with the pure, blatant saneism in here, because jesus fucking christ some of you don't know how to be normal about schizophrenic characters. For context: Postal Dude is a canon(ish) schizophrenic person, and this is very prevelant within the first game especially. I'll make that a separate article later.

But, anyway, the amount of times I have seen dudebro YouTubers call him a schizo

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