A general rundown of how shit's been.
CW: School, ableism
Long time no see! Sorry about the hiatus, but I'm going back into business, slowly but surely. Burnout's been kicking my ass, plus this website just became unenjoyable for me to work on since I ended up seeing coding as an obligation, not a hobby. I'll be ok, though - I'm ensuring that doesn't happen again!

It's almost the end of the school year, I turned 15 a few days ago, and generally life's been... sucky, but ok. I'm just disassociated more often than not is all, and school's been trying to work our asses off cause they don't give a shit about us! also got a cane recently, so unfortunately I've had an uptick in bullying. I've been dealing with it fine, it's just the same shit I'm used to. Doesn't mean I'm not grateful for it - in fact, it's been a major help with my chronic pains!

I've been cycling through hyperfixations too. I've been getting super into Half Life and The Sims (pre Sims 4) as of late, but I'm more focused on The Sims 'cause it grounds me better. Plus, the bizarre and uncanny feel and aesthetics are strangely comforting to me. Also, I got into Polkadot Cadaver, which is a Dog Fashion Disco related project!

My relationship with my boyfriend's going well; in fact, I've been more in love with haunt than ever.

I've been working hard on my projects, but my Sims hyperfixation is so intense, it's overriding my worldbuilding, so it's kinda slow...still workin' hard, though! You can follow my OC blog @bizarrofiction on tumblr for updates and shit, if you'd like.

Generally, I've been...okayish. Not bad, not good, just okayish. I'm excited for summer vacay already! Just one more month, and I'll be free. Yay!

Also, listen to this song. I think it's pretty cool.