Tiny Rainbow

The Comercialization Of Christmas

As the years go on, I can feel my festive spirit slowly being sucked away.

Ahhh, Christmas! A time of joy and festivity, to spend with your friends and family.

At least, that's what it used to be in the public eye. While yes, it still holds the same meaning in many households, it certainly doesn't in those goddamned captilastic companies'!

I know it's far from the festive season, but I've been thinking about this a lot. Christmas is my favorite holiday and holds a very special place in my heart - to me, and thankfully several others with common sense, it means to spend time with your friends and family, listen to good music and eat good food. As someone who suffers from SAD, it also brings me joy during a time I feel hopeless and mopey. Essentially, it works as a reminder that there's still hope within these cold, snowy times.

But, unfortunately, this is the perfect time for companies to capitilize on us. Don't know what to buy for your girlfriend this Christmas? Get her the new candycane reindeer dick dildo! Get the new Santatron 3000 (now with gorilla grip coochie) for your kids! Merry Christmas, here's a broadcast of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer... just kidding! Check out these ads for the new poopshitter supreme! And so. Much. Fucking. More.

And the way it's shoved down everyone's throats - especially those who don't celebrate for any reason at all, such as religion, trauma, or just plain old personal preference. I promise you that they don't fucking care! Stop trying to force people to celebrate Christmas!

Because of all of this, within recent years I've felt my festive spirit slowly fading away, no longer excited to start counting down the days until Christmas, no longer excited for a Christmas tree decorated with gorgeous ornaments, no longer excited for fruitcake and lasagna... none of that! I just have to suffer and slowly withdraw into myself because Moneybags McBillionare won't stop dumbing down the meaning of Christmas.

That said, I hope this year I'm somewhat more festive. At least I have my friends who celebrate holidays with me, and they all bring me joy and festivity during those times.