Tiny Rainbow

April Fools Visions

Thank god for those visions you have when you close your eyes!

Last night, I tried falling asleep while listening to April Fools by The Scary Jokes with my headphones on. Unfortunately, I couldn't, since I couldn't get into a comfortable position. However, I did decide to close my eyes for the duration of the album, and the visions I had as each song played were nothing short of magical. Here's a few I vividly remember. I'll draw them at a later date.

In A Bitter Syrup: I didn't have any animations form before my eyes (I usually imagine them, but when my eyes close, I have visions and stuff - you know what I'm talkin' about, right?), however I did have beautiful cartoony flowers spin around the same way a fuzzy childhood memory would, and blue zigzags pulsing in repeatedly. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous sight.

Icicles: This time was an animation instead of vague, abstract shapes, and it would be that way for the rest of my listening. It was of a girl in a wacky, cartoon world with silly abstract backgrounds yelling the lyrics, which were directed at a pink cloud with one eye. At the end, she ended up stabbing the cloud with an icicle.

Night At The Movies: This one was about a woman who looked like the female counterpart to Dan from Dan VS., except less outwardly angry and wears Cookie Monster pants. She was singing about someone - who that someone is, I don't know, because they never appeared - and went to the convience store to get some beer. When she was at the movies, as sung in the song, there were multiple eyes watching her in the darkness. At the end, her color palette was replaced with a cloud pattern.

Pink Smoke: This time it was in a first person POV, and I was exploring this abandoned school. Everything was black and white, except for the pink smoke seeping out of the cracks of the walls and floors and lockers. There was a woman made out of the pink smoke that went through one of the walls, and she walked up to me. She hugged me and kissed me. It was nice.

Pleasure Cruise: This time, it was in an anime artstyle. The beginning was a completely naked crucified woman, but she fell off of the crucifix and her limbs, which were cut off, started healing. This was strangely not disturbing. She started singing, and all of the events sang in the song where shown in some sort of foggy bubble next to her. At the end, she started floating away in the ocean.