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art credit || Hi, I'm Lucifer "WhenRobotzAttack AnarchistsOfGoodTaste" Tracheotomy, and you're on my dope webpage! I'm the cool guy with the red hair in the pic. You can also call me Luci if you so desire.

I made this here Neocity to get back into coding and to host my webcomics, though once I really started getting into it, it became my biggest passion project yet. Since then, I've used it to host whatever I want it to - my thoughts, shrines, webprojects, etc... though, updates are unfortunately sporadic due to school.

However, I do view this website as a glimpse into my mind - a core part of me, if you will. It's the best place for me to dump my (longer) thoughts, talk about the latest band that's consuming my mind, the Psychonauts level I just beat, and whatever else. I also have plans to do album and movie reviews in the future! Like I said, this website hosts whatever the hell I want it to.

...although, I have yet to actually host any ongoing projects that aren't on an indefinite hiatus (sorry Snuffchan fans). The only current ongoing project as of now are the Moronville strip comics! You can go read those if you want.

  • 11/15/22: New layout! As per usual, the old one has been archived for your viewing pleasure.

  • 11/25/22: Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been in a slump lately. I started my Superjail shrine.
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    God, what a fucking banger! One of the final tracks on one of my favorite Dog Fashion Disco albums, this song gets you so pumped for the finale and it feels like the climax to a movie - fitting, since Adultery is a concept album inspired by sleazy noir movies. Listen to this song... NOW!

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    100 Suicides by Dog Fashion Disco