That morning, I put a flannel, a pair of jeans and a belt in my bag. I didn't bother looking in the mirror this time, since I knew it wouldn't really matter anymore. I was gonna finally dress the way I've wanted to since I was 5.

I remember one day, when me and Mary played dress up, she put me in her dad's clothes - specifically one of his sweaters and his jeans. Of course, they were way too big for me, but when I looked in the mirror in her room, I felt just right. I grinned giddily. "Can I keep these?"

Of course, I couldn't.

I knew I would feel that same euphoria soon as I waved goodbye to my parents in my shitty dress and slip-ons. I dashed out the door, and directly to Mary's house, grin on my face and brushed red hair getting messy again. I knocked on the door quickly and stood there, gripping the straps of my backpack.

Mary answered the door almost immediately, and smiled at me. "Are you ready?"

"More ready than I ever have been," I replied.

She led me to her room, and she looked away before I took my backpack off and pulled my dress and slip-ons off. I unzipped my backpack and pulled out the outfit I had picked out, and slid it on with more ease than I did with my dresses. "You can look now."

She looked at me and gasped, and I swore to god she was blushing a bit. "Um, you should look at yourself in the mirror.

I complied. And I gasped as well.