I slid the box under my bed, climbing into bed just in case I woke my parents up. I pretended to sleep until I was sure I didn't wake them up. I didn't hear them opening their door and then opening mine to check on me. Another successful sneak-out.

I climbed back out of bed and pulled the box out, quietly sitting on my bed and opening it. Inside were - like I had hoped - flannels, jeans, and belts, but there were some t-shirts, Beatles band shirts, overalls...everything I could've dreamed of. I giddily shut the box, and slid it back under.

I could barely sleep that night from pure excitement. I was imagining myself going to school, looking like the women with short hair I saw sometimes when my mom had me go to the local grocery store with her. She always gave them a disapproving look. Disapproving is an understatement, but I digress. I didn't care, though, I wanted to be just like them, cowboy boots and all.

I finally fell asleep, still gripping my blanket.