All of the sudden the girls were worse to me than before. I was "too masculine" to be a girl or some shit, and I didn't do everything else the other girls were doing at the time. I didn't gossip, or do my makeup, or dress all pretty, or fuck whatever boy caught my eye; actually, boys didn't even catch my eye. I always felt pretty repulsed by them, frankly, and the thought of me being with a boy from one of my classes disgusted me. The girls called me a dyke, faggot, and every other derogatory term you can think of within cruel whispers and giggles 'cause of this.

Problem was, my parents were really religious. Like, the "boys should marry girls and vice versa and boys can't become girls and girls can't become boys" kind of religious. And, oh, god, you should've seen how they reacted when they realized my whole "tomboy" gig wasn't just a phase.

They didn't let me buy masculine clothes anymore - it was all dresses, dresses, dresses! I never liked dresses in the first place; I much preferred skirts, but even then, I didn't wear the usual kind much. Just the long denim skirt I wore every time I hung out with Mary. Whenever I had to wear one of the gross, gross white dresses my parents gave me, I looked in the mirror and felt disgusted. That wasn't me. That'll never be me. I swore the very minute I turned 18 and moved out, I would never wear a fucking dress ever again.

Mary smuggled me some of her father's old clothes that he wore when he was a teenager when I was 13, though.