My memories of my childhood are very vague, but then again; who really clearly remembers their childhood? Maybe that's a sign of me repressing most of it in that life, and this life as well, but I digress.

I remember hanging out with my then childhood friend Mary, who was the sweetest angel I have ever met. We would often go to the playground with my trolley, with her sitting in it while I pulled it along. We would always talk about the newest episodes of our favorite cartoons, or what we were going to play that day, whether it'd be dress-up at her house, or just some silly plot we came up with, or whatever else kids did.

I was a tomboy, though, and most of the girls weren't at all like me, Mary included. She was the only one that didn't ostracize me, but that led to her being ostracized as well. This was the 70s, though, so being a girl who acted like a boy wasn’t "acceptable." That didn't stop me from climbing trees, jumping in mud puddles and not being afraid of getting myself dirty.

The treatment I got from the other girls were dirty glares and exclusion from games at best, but then puberty kicked in.