God gives his strongest warriors a special interest in the movie where some evil German doctor stitches three people mouth to ass.

I mostly only focus on the first film, as the other two movies fucking suck. Also, I believe that the entire trilogy would've been held with much, much higher regard if Tom Six didn't think slurs = shock value. Martin Lomax was done dirty too. Actually, scratch that - every character after the first movie was done dirty.

Basically, this trilogy should be renamed to "The Missed Potential Trilogy," but that's another discussion for another day, since I simply don't care for the other two films. This page is about the first movie.

The Human Centipede is a fantastic movie that has a campy premise - three people get kidnapped by a mad scientist and get stitched mouth to ass. Also, they resemble a bug. Cool! If it were made in the 80's, I think Tumblr would be crawling all over it the same way they did with Re-Animator. Thank god it wasn't, in that case.

However, the way it's pulled off isn't campy. I should specifically state that The Human Centipede knows what it is, and what it's doing - it's a shock film. It's made to shock people.

It uses psychological shock value, unsanitary shock value, body horror shock value - but there's very little gore, and even then it's not really used for shock value. It's one of those films that leaves a good majority of the shock value up to the viewer's imagination (something that, unfortunately, the second film didn't do. Boo, pretend I'm throwing tomatoes right now).

But, on the topic of the psychological shock value, The Human Centipede could've simply been a film where some evil doctor stitches three people mouth to ass. Ahh! Scary! Eeek! Next.

But it went to the next level. It introduced the concept of the centipede being a pet. And it explored that concept very well - there's literally a scene where the front piece eats out of a goddamn dog bowl (lovingly provided by the guy who stitched his ass to someone else's mouth)!

There's also all the little details that really drive this concept home - like, y'know, the fact that the dog bowl might've been the dreihund's dog bowl (which is the dog centipede).

I mean, this film was made simply for shock value, but there was effort put into it, because thankfully this was made before Tom Six thought slurs = shocking. The other two films? Nothing! Nothing at all. The Human Centipede has genuine artistic merit, but after the first half of the second movie, the trilogy loses that merit.

In conclusion: fuck you Tom Six. Give me the rights to your movies. I've spent more time psychoanalyzing Josef Heiter than you could ever hope you achieve. By the way, The Onania Club probably isn't that goddamn deep. Stop trying to act like all of your movies after the first Human Centipede movie are soooo fuckin' deep! Fuck you, and I hope I see you in public so I can kill you and forever change the trajectory of the lives of the fans that merely wanted an autograph from you.

Did you know that...
  • The actors had to bite onto a mouthpiece on a prosthetic butt?
  • In the second movie, the feces was made out of cacao powder and coconut milk, and it was so delicious the actors couldn't stop eating it?