I take payment in the form of Steam and Roblox gift cards, however if you get me a game from my Steam wishlist or Discord Nitro you can completely disregard prices and get whatever you want! I take half of the payment beforehand and the other half afterwards, by the by.

I may simplify your OC's design to suit my artstyle better; however, the changes I make will be VERY minor! I'm not gonna straight up wreck their entire design.

Message me on discord if you want a commission! lucifer tracheotomy#5136

Examples can be found on my art blog.

I will draw...
- Selfship art, OC x canon, ships in general
- Gore & body horror (extreme + mild) 18+ characters only
- Suggestive content (but not straight up NSFW!) 18+ characters only
- Furries + generally inhuman characters

I won't draw...
- Gross ships (pedophilia, incest, etc)
- Shitass media (South Park, Hetalia, etc)
- If you're commissioning Psychonauts art from me, I will not draw Sashaboto. Nada, nope, nuh uh. You're not getting it until you get better taste in ships!


- 5$ for flat colors
- +10$ for different outlines per detail
- +1$ for minimal shading
- +5$ for full shading
- +5$ for lineless
- Specify what color lines if needed!

- 10$ for simple, minimal shading
- 15$ for detailed, full shading

- 1$ for sketch
- 5$ for drawing (colored or not)
- 5$ for crayola doodle