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10/25/22: New homepage! As per usual, the old one has been archived. I got tired of the Halloween theme, is all.
> Songs of the week will no longer have MP3 files due to it being a hassle to download 'em, especially with the risk of Discord going all "the file size is too big" on me. However, YouTube links will be provided!


10/29/22: New Moronville comic!

11/2/22: Exactly one month until me and my boyfriend's two year anniversary! Woo!
> Also, I added a fun doodad to the Dog Fashion Disco shrine.

11/3/22: Updated my favorite albums of all time. As you can tell, I have been going through it.

11/10/22: Revamped my commission sheet!

11/13/22: New article! It's a life update one, woo!

11/14/22: Revamped my shrine dedicated to my boyfriend!

WELCOME TO WHISPERING ROCK PSYCHIC SUMMER CAMP, the place where young psychic minds go to be trained! It's totally not home to a secret brain-theft plot...toooooootally.

Actually, this is just Psychonauts dot Neocities dot organization, AKA the coolest Neocity within all of the Neocities ever! Think of it as more of a look into my mind than a website, though - this is my biggest passion project yet, and it's always changing, always being revamped, always developing. But, unfortunately, due to the hellhole known as school, updates may be sporadic and/or infrequent... tragic!

But, this website still has plenty to offer and will forever have plenty to offer, even as in the future as more and more pages get added. This has a bit of everything; writing, projects, webcomics (I just started baby's first ever webcomic!), webprojects, shrines, shrines, more shrines... if you can think of it, it's probably here somewhere. I just put whatever I want here, to be frank.

This works best on Firefox (Chrome users get better taste) and small screens (I'm sorry big screen users).

Also - if you're looking for the Postal Dude/Amanda Young, you're in the right place! 'Cause that's me. Yes, I sign autographs.

Featured pages: War Journal (articles), projects page, my art, my alterhumanity page, layout archive