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  • 9/7/22: Updated my homepage for Halloween (but I'll keep it year-round, hopefully)! As per usual, I've archived the previous layout for your viewing pleasure.
  • 9/8/22: Started work on my page for BODIES, a new project of mine!

  • 9/11/22: Happy 9/11! Started my page for August 2022 art.

  • 9/12/22: Added Moronville to my projects page, check it out!
  • Started working on the Moronville page!

  • 9/17/22: I've been working on it since yesterday, but my DFD shrine will be up and running soon! Also, I updated Scatfuck Cumhole's page on the Moronville section.
  • I've been working on the Moronville section a lot for the past few days. Probably won't be up for a while since I still have a lot to add - characters, lore, groups, etc. That, and Moronville is still being developed. Of course, the section will be public when it's still in development, just when it's super duper developed.
  • Also, a few days ago, Chippy of Chipsfunfun submitted meows own character for Scatfuck Cumhole, Saw Kidney!
  • Moronville updates will be made public in my server, however the section won't be linked in the projects page juuuuuust yet.

  • 9/18/22: Because I'm an impatient bitch, I made my DFD shrine public. Still a work in progress, but I'll finish it when I finish it.
  • Finished my new about page!
  • Added some blinkies I made in to the graphix page!
  • Added a music player with one of my favorite DFD songs from one of my favorite DFD albums to my about page!

  • 9/20/22: New journal entry. Just a life update, nothin' too big.

  • 9/21/22: As per usual, Moronville updates, but I've finished Jackson's page and I'm working on Saw's! Gimpy's will be started soon.
  • Added a link to a cool alterhuman dictionary to my alterhuman page!

  • 9/26/22: Added scrolling site buttons!

  • 9/28/22: Sorry for not updating for a few days, I was sick with a cold and I didn't have the energy to code much. To make up for it, though, Escape From Paradise has finally been made public! It's not finished, and it'll probably be a work in progress for a long time, but the first three pages are out and I'm excited to finally sort out all of my memories. Enjoy!

  • 9/29/22: I'm so fucking excited for October, especially since I made a challenge for myself called Lucitober where I watch a horror movie everyday until Halloween!
  • Oh, and I updated Escape From Paradise. Happy reading!

  • 10/2/22: HAPPY OCTOBER! I started Lucitober a day late unfortunately, and the movie I chose for day 2 is actually really boring. Such a shame, since it's a George A. Romero movie, and I love his work! It's The Crazies, if anyone's curious.
  • Anyway, I updated Escape From Paradise, however I've only added one page since I'm tuckered out this weekend. All I wanna do is sleep, listen to music, and bop around. Ugh!
  • (Make some fuckin' noise, Postal Dude fictive fans!)
  • Rethemed my journal! Previous theme has been archived for your viewing pleasure.

  • 10/3/22: Started updating my alterhuman section a bit! Adding more pages as well as adding more stuff to the personal experience page.

  • 10/9/22: Hi all! I'm back from vacation, and this isn't a website update persay, I just wanted to let you all I'm home now. Expect some updates to the favorite albums page!
  • New template! Much less broken than my first ever one.
  • Remade my disturbing content page!

  • 10/11/22: Expect a lack of major updates for a bit, life is kicking my ass.
  • Updated song of the week.

  • 10/16/22: Sorry for the lack of updates! I was hanging with a friend.
  • Added an entry page to Moronville.

  • 10/18/22: Added a bunch of blinkies to the graphics page!
  • Added the Anarchists Of Good Taste redux to the album guide on my DFD shrine!
  • New template!
  • 'notha one!



  • TO DO:
  • Remake my about page
  • Remake my site button because I am an indecisive sonuvabitch (feel free to use past buttons though!)
  • Remake the following: Psychonauts shrine, Postal shrines, horror shrine
  • Finish my DFD shrine (+ add a section for fan content)
  • Start my Bloody Bunny shrine
  • Change homepage to a Psychonauts theme (after Halloween)
  • Change homepage to I Am Become Christmas theme (on December 1st)

    There's definitely more, but I'm forgetting some.
  • Sylvia's Just A Dying Fad - The Scary Jokes
  • Cheddar's Kittens - Dregs
  • Dizziful Bliss - Lemon Demon
  • Toy Food - Lemon Demon
  • Plastic Surgeons - Dog Fashion Disco
  • Leper Friend - Dog Fashion Disco
  • I Make Cartoons - The Scary Jokes
  • Shaimu Wraith - Nero's Day At Disneyland
  • The Sacrifice Of Miss Rose Covington - Dog Fashion Disco
  • Vomitorium - Dog Fashion Disco



    Hi, I'm Lucifer (or Dove, or Armageddon, or Raven, or Jeanine, or the plethora of other names I have), and you're in my miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind! Think of it like you're entering a psychoportal into my head from Psychonauts, as demonstrated by the index page. Generally, this is a website where I do whatever the fuck's on my mind - like webcomics (in the future), webprojects in general, shrines, shrines, more shrines, even more shrines, and generally a whole lot of other shit. Basically: this site is a bit of everything (with a little sodomy on the side!). Also, if you're here to meet the Postal Dude and/or Amanda Young, you're in the right place! 'Cause that's me.

    This isn't my first website, actually - I had two others, but I ditched both, and now I'm here! I made this website as to revive my dope ass passion in coding from when I was 13, practice my dope ass coding skills, make some dope ass shrines, and to host my dope ass projects; all of which has been achieved! However, the only project that's being hosted thus far is Snuffchan, and hopefully in the future I'll host The Spirit Line, Moronville, and some other cool shit and comics. I'm also always updating this website whenever I can - looking for something new to make, looking for something to revamp, etc...

    My website is best viewed on Firefox! And on a small screen, unfortunately. Sorry big computer users... I'm not sorry to Chrome users, though, go lick Google's boots somewhere else!

    Featured pages: War Journal (articles), projects page, my art, my alterhumanity page, layout archive

    9/17/22: BIG BIG NEWS! Yesterday, a zine I'm participating in called Dyke Magic was released! Check this out for more deets. My entry's about overcoming comphet! Enjoy!!!!

    Notice: School's in session, so expect infrequent and sporadic updates!