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Hi, I'm Lucifer (or Armageddon, or Raven, or Jeanine, or the plethora of other names I have), and you're in my corner of the web! I'm the cool guy on the side, since I'm no longer stuck in a box. Nor am I Jesse Pinkman despite how much I say biyaaatch, sorry to disappoint. This is a website that has a little bit of everything - art, writing, viddy games, shrines, etc... hopefully some webcomics too, in the future! I made this to practice my dope ass coding skills, revive my dope ass passion in HTML, and make some dope ass shrines - all of which has been achieved! However, I'm still working on this website constantly; I'm always looking for something new to make, something to revamp, to edit, etc...also, imagine me stroking my goatee as I'm coding.

Like many users on Neocities, I use this to escape the modern web, even if I'm (thankfully) not as involved in it as much as I used to be. Tumblr is pretty stressful, honestly! Generally, most social websites/apps suck, which is precisely why I avoid them like the plague (especially Instagram and Twitter).

LUCIFER IS FEELING: The current mood of jeanine at
8/20/22: Updated my homepage...again! Honestly, I got kinda tired of the blue and black theme, so I decided to do something based off of Nero's Day At Disneyland. Ignore how fucked up the MP3 player is.

Big shout out to Miles for letting me use his code for the columns! Also, I've archived the previous homepage for your viewing pleasure. I'll miss the blue and black theme, honestly, but I needed something that wasn't black and blue.

Remade the index page! Here's the old version.

8/22/22: Revamped my journal! You can find the old theme here.

New article about the 3 I's!


Added a bunch of graphics, check it out!

8/23/22: Revamped my about page, and I'm really happy with the result!

Added a section for concept art to my archive!

8/24/22: Revamped my shrines page! Old layout has been archived. I still really like the old layout, I just needed a change and to add some pizazz.

8/27/22: I'm gonna start focusing on coding for my leisure due to stress, so don't expect any real updates other than shrines and stuff for the time being. Sorry!

8/29/22: Hello, hello! I'm back from being on break for the weekend. That said, I finally updated Snuffchan to include Samantha's page! Sorry to everyone who I kept waiting, haha. Warning for gore and violence, as Snuffchan is very focused on that kinda stuff.

Got my very first unofficial Snuffchan character and script submissions, woo! Thank you SO much to Nephro ( and Alan ( for your fucked up little guys.

9/1/22: Changed back to the old shrine layout, check it out! The new layout has been archived and I probably won't change this layout again for a looooooooooooong while.

Updated my commissions page!

9/4/22: Revamped the respective pages for my kintypes and added a new one!

To Do:
Priorities are italicized.
  • Revamp the following: my projects page, Sasha Nein shrine, Sam shrine
  • Finish my Crayola shrine
  • Make my Postal shrine(s)
  • Make my breakcore shrine(s)
  • Make my Roblox shrine
  • Add to my projects page: Cleansing, and an untitled project
  • Make a system page
  • Make a diary dedicated to logging my conversion to Paganism
  • Resist the urge to remake my homepage... again.