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What's up, I'm Lucifer. Or Raven. Or Jeanine. Or the plethora of other names I have. I'm the cool guy in the corner of this box that you are looking at right now! I'm not Jesse Pinkman despite how much I say biyaaatch, sorry to disappoint. Nor am I literally in the corner of this box, but it would be pretty funny if I was.

This dope ass website was made to practice my dope ass coding skills, make some dope ass shrines, and revive my dope ass passion in coding. All of which has been achieved! However, I'll always be praticing coding, as this website will never be finished. I'm always looking for something to add, something to revamp, etc...also, imagine me stroking my goatee whilst coding.

My webpage is best viewed on Firefox, and is mobile aggressive. If you're on mobile - especially iPhone (I love you android users by the way) - suffer!!!

Gifs at the top by corkscrew-rules. A lot of graphics here are by corkscew-rules, actually.

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  • 8/4/22: Revamped my homepage again! Same theme, just a different layout, since I'm attached to the neon blue. I did base my theme off of April Fools by The Scary Jokes, after all. However, I did archive the previous layout!
  • Finally added Miles to my friends page! Gosh, I have got to update it more often.
  • Added so so so many buttons!

  • 8/5/22: Finished my Psychonauts shrine!

  • 8/8/22: Started my links page, as well as my NNSG shrine!

  • 8/9/22: Finally updated my song of the week, and finished the NNSG shrine!
  • Added lotsa new graphics!
  • Completely revamped my about page!
  • Made an article about rabies pride and what it means to me!

  • 8/11/22: Since Neocities is super fucky right now, I've made a lot of minor updates!
  • Added some new site buttons at the bottom!
  • Added more buttons to this here scrollbox!
  • Made the little gif in the corner of my shrines page an actual floatee (thank god for position code)!
  • Started completely remaking my Postal shrine(s), however due to Neocities' fuckiness it'll most likely be fully revamped at a later date.
  • Added a textarea thing! You should add me to your website...NOW!

  • 8/15/22: Finally back from my dad's, and my laptop's finally here! Woo! Here's a new article I wrote about April Fools by The Scary Jokes (not a review, unfortunately). Expect major updates tomorrow!

  • 8/16/22: Made a commissions page late at night last night!
  • Made a templates page and my first ever template!
  • Started revamping my about page!
  • Added a bunch of new blinkies to this page!
  • Revamped my about page...again!

  • 8/17/22: Finally added my July 2022 art section after a few weeks of forgetting!

  • Work on the respective pages for my projects
  • Revamp my journal entries, articles and whatnot slightly
  • Add favicons to all pages that don't have one yet
  • Add cursors to all pages that don't have one
  • Make a Black Dresses shrine
  • Make a graphics page
  • Finish my Crayola shrine
  • Make a Neil Cicierega shrine (as in his projects, I feel the need to specify that because jesus fucking christ his fans are weird)
  • Work on Hello World
  • Make a breakcore shrine
  • Make a Roblox shrine
  • Make a Serial Experiments Lain shrine
  • Make a Yume Nikki shrine
  • Finish (re)making my Postal shrine(s)
  • Resist the urge to make an entirely different homepage for the third fucking time
  • Make a page for my music
  • Update my vinyl collection, especially since I got a new Oingo Boingo vinyl a few days ago
  • Make some shrines for some ships I really like (in a normal way I promise I promise I promise I'm not a fucking fandom mom I promise I promi)

  • Add me to your website?

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