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What's up, I'm Lucifer. Or Raven. Or Jeanine. Or the plethora of other names I have. I'm the cool guy in the corner of this box that you are looking at right now! I'm not Jesse Pinkman despite how much I say biyaaatch, sorry to disappoint. Nor am I literally in the corner of this box, but it would be pretty funny if I was.

This dope ass website was made to practice my dope ass coding skills, make some dope ass shrines, and revive my dope ass passion in coding. All of which has been achieved! However, I'll always be praticing coding, as this website will never be finished. Also, imagine me stroking my goatee whilst coding.

My webpage is best viewed on Firefox, and is mobile aggressive. If you're on mobile - especially iPhone (I love you android users by the way) - suffer!!!

Gifs at the top by corkscrew-rules.

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  • 6/29/22: I've completely revamped my homepage for the first time. Wahoo! However, I've also made a page dedicated to archiving previous homepages. RIP yellow and blue theme with an excessive amount of space, you will be missed...
  • Revamped my projects page!
  • Added a merchandise section to my Jimmy shrine!

  • 7/2/22: Added some cursors to a couple of pages that didn't have them!

  • 7/5/22: Sorry for the lack of updates! To make up for it, I finally finished my waifuism guide!

  • 7/7/22: Made my Crayola shrine, however it's still a big work in progress. Still happy with it so far though!
  • Added Snuffchan to the projects page, and finally made its own page (linked in its section)!

  • 7/14/22: Made the art archive!
  • Finally made my Psychonauts shrine, check it out!
  • Wrote a letter to HTML beginners!
  • Changed my url from whenrobotzattack to psychonauts!

  • 7/16/22: Updated my site button! If you haven't yet, update the current site button on your Neocity to the new one.

  • 7/23/22: Sorry for being inactive for a week, I was at summer camp. To make up for it, I remade my alterhumanity page!

  • 7/24/22: New article about how fucking much I hate Postal REDUX!

  • 7/25/22: Made a page dedicated to my personal experience with being kin!
  • Just realized I got accepted into the Yesterweb ring, eek! I didn't notice until I checked my email @_@ Added the widget!!!

  • 7/26/22: Made a review on Burn Pygmalion!

  • 7/28/22: Revamped my about page!

  • Work on the respective pages for my projects
  • Revamp my journal entries, articles and whatnot slightly
  • Add favicons to all pages that don't have one yet
  • Add cursors to all pages that don't have one
  • Make a Black Dresses shrine
  • Make a graphics page
  • Finish my Crayola shrine
  • Make a Neil Cicierega shrine (as in his projects, I feel the need to specify that because jesus fucking christ his fans are weird)
  • Work on Hello World

  • Song Of The Week!

    Single, released in 2017

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