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What's up, I'm Lucifer. Or Raven. Or Jeanine. Or the plethora of other names I have. I'm the cool guy in the corner of this box that you are looking at right now! I'm not Jesse Pinkman despite how much I say biyaaatch, sorry to disappoint. Nor am I literally in the corner of this box, but it would be pretty funny if I was.

This dope ass website was made to practice my dope ass coding skills, make some dope ass shrines, and revive my dope ass passion in coding. All of which has been achieved! However, I'll always be praticing coding, as this website will never be finished.

My webpage is best viewed on Firefox, and is mobile aggressive. If you're on mobile - especially am iPhone (I love you android users by the way) - suffer!!!

Add me to your website if you want!

To do:
  • Add pages for my respective projects
  • Work on the page specifically for The Spirit Line
  • Add more pages for my kintypes
  • Add more pizzazz to the following pages: friends
  • Website updates

    NOTICE:During the month of July, I will not be updating this website very frequently due to me being SUPER busy. Hopefully I won't go into a full on out hiatus!
  • Finished the alterhuman page and the Postal Dude kintype page
  • Started War Journal
  • Made a guide to shock films

  • 6/24/2022:
  • Added a bunch of new stuff to my Jimmy McGill shrine!

  • 6/25/2022:
  • Made The Scary Jokes shrine
  • Added a background to the index
  • Added a section for James in the friends page

  • 6/26/2022:
  • Made a Postal shrine

  • 6/27/2022:
  • Added a cool websites section (finally!)
  • Look, ma, I'm in the selfship webring!
  • Made a shrine dedicated to my vinyl collection

    Watch As I Perform My Own Tracheotomy
    ARTIST: Talkshow Boy
    ALBUM: Watch As I Perform My Own Tracheotomy
    RELEASE DATE: March 24, 2004
    RATING: 11/10
    My favorite song of all time from my favorite album of all time. Of course I'm gonna make it the second song of the week! I was gonna make it Tuff Luff, but I'm trying to add some variety with the songs of the week.

    This song means so much to me - it brings me joy on my saddest days, brings me peace on my angriest days, and was part of my lesbian awakening! Thanks, Adrian.

    I feel more connected with this song than any other song I've ever listened to. It feels nostalgic, in a way. The lyrics are genius and so loving - the relationship described in this song feels more genuine than most love songs nowadays.

    I don't have much to say, other than this song is my favorite song of all time, and everyone ever should listen to it.