"Although there is nothing / I wish this was enough"

2channers had some good ideas, even if it came from where their jizz is stored. That idea was Nijiura Maids, which were basically virtual maids with the sole purpose of being like, anonymous personas in a way.

I'm one of those maids (obviously). I'm "officially" (or, as official as can be) known as the "creepy cute maid," however I prefer to refer to myself as the body horror maid due to the fact that there's plenty of "creepy cute" maids. Besides, I prefer when people protray me as elegant rather than cute. It's more fitting.

As for memories, they're quite vague, but from the glimpses I've seen thus far, I lived comfortably with my roommate Yakui San, often snuck brunch meetings in between errands, and such things. I had a good life.