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Alterhumanity, or otherwise a look into the inhuman psyche

Alterhumanity is a very, very personal subject for me. The concept of past lives (and the multiverse theory) is a very big part of my spirtuality; so much so that it's what my spirtuality is built on! And yes, before you ask, I was here before the big boom of "kinnies" on TikTok and Twitter.

I take being kin very seriously and I despise how much misinformation those Danganronpa KFF bitches have spread within the past few years. No, it doesn't mean you "relate to a character" in a casual way - it means that you were them in a past life, dumbass!

But, I'm not here to talk about kin info - rather, I'm here to talk about my personal experience. However, here are some links to some informative kin pages on some Neocities! Email me if you'd like your page to be added.

  • A shrine dedicated to otherkinity, made by my buddy Bede!
  • Also by my buddy Bede, a cool dictionary!
  • And now, onto the coollist (or coolist?). Like a kinlist, but cool, because I'm not a KFF carrd user that unironically uses the term "kinnie."


    To be added: Motoko Kusanagi, Rena Ryuugu, Ginger Fitzgerald, cyborgkin, angelkin