As of writing this, I have 10,046 views, 30 followers, and 2,562(+) updates, all put into my biggest passion project yet - my website! You've all watched how each string of code I've typed has turned into exactly 66 pages on this here website - some of them that aren't even public yet! And in the future, there will be many, many more.

Each page has passion put into it, as much passion as I can muster, even on days when I have low spoons. Some of you have witnessed the very beginning of my passion starting to flourish - and right now, you are all witnessing the boom of my website's visibility! Sooner or later, this website will enter the public's eye, as a taste of what was once the old web, recreated by a bored teenager one summer day on the exact date of June 20th, 2022.

And with that, I would like to thank everyone who spent at least a few minutes on this here site. These past two months on Neocities have been quite nice (even with the rise of drama...), and I hope to keep it that way. Thank all of you for your support; this digital heaven wouldn't be here without it.

Thank you to my followers, my mutuals, my dear friends, my boyfriend, and most importantly...

Thank you, dear reader. You are the very reason why I'm opening my heart up to the world wide web.

Here's to many more views, many more pages, and many more lines of code. Cheers!