this website is officially retired.

i have no passion for coding anymore - or, well, the passion i used to have. i also have far too many bad memories attached to this site and wish to separate myself from neocities.

i will use this to host some of my writing exclusively; though, you can find my work on AO3 under whenrobotzattack.

if i return to coding on neocities (likely, as every once in a blue moon i get a coding burst), it will be on a different website under a different name, and this website will be gone.

as for me, im doing quite fine, actually - much better than i was in 2022 or 2023. im no longer 14 years old, angry at the world, and getting into drama constantly, haha. i feel like myself for the first time in 2 years. ive been getting into a lot of new things and getting a better understanding of myself as a person, too. generally, im happy. :o)

thank you for all the good memories, despite my main reasoning for retiring this site. coding was fun, even if i had some hellish times here. i hope you all are doing better, too, and feeling happier. you all deserve it.

if you wish to contact me again, my email is